We provide accommodations for your stay at a five bedroom home in Broadus at 407 N. Rue, which is located in the center of our ranch leases.  Commercial flights into Billings, MT, and Rapid City, SD are available. Rental cars may be reserved at the airports.

We offer modern accommodations, where you can shower, before sitting down to a hearty home cooked meal. After dinner you can relax in our comfortable den, watch TV or just enjoy each other's hunting stories. Comfortable beds, bedding and towels are provided. You need only to bring your personal effects. We have a private room available for couples.

Layered clothing is a must since our weather in Southeastern Montana can vary from quite warm to cold and snowy in a very short time. Bring a good, cleated tread boot. An outer fluorescent orange vest containing 400 sq. inches is also required.  Archery hunters can bring their own safety harness.

We site in rifles before the start of a hunt. It is a good idea to arrive early afternoon the day before the hunt to ensure rifles have not been knocked off during the trip. Bolt action rifles in the 25-06 to the 300 magnum caliber range sighted in at 0 to 1 inch high at 100 yards are preferred.

We skin, cape, remove horns, and freeze capes as part of our service. Delivery of meat to the processor is also free. Clients are responsible for their own meat (About $100 per carcass). Local meat markets will process, make jerky and sausage. If the clients do not want to take the meat back with them, they will be required to cover the cost of processing which runs about $100 per carcass. The meat will then be donated to Hunters Against Hunger program.

Broadus also has local Taxidermists that offer a wide range of services.

Powder River Taxidermy (406) 436-2393

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